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Club News

Senior Coach Vacancy

We are looking to recruit a new senior coach for the 2017/18 season on a 9-month contract from September 2017 to June 2018. The role includes coaching in schools around Cobham and/or in London during the week, as well as Cobham coaching at weekends. You can see the full job specification here.

Posted by CLC at 16:29:PM on Friday 20 January 2017

AGM 5th November

Our Annual General Meeting will be held in the Fairmile Inn Function Room at 2pm on Saturday 5th November 2016. All members are welcome to join us. A copy of our Financial Report for the year can be found here.

Posted by CLC at 19:56:PM on Monday 31 October 2016

Start of season letter

Our start of season letter was sent on 7th September 2016 to all members, covering a number of important matters for the season ahead. You can read a copy here and please use the website as your first port of call for queries.


Posted by CLC at 11:13:AM on Wednesday 7 September 2016

Fixtures for 2016/17

Fixtures for the 2016/17 season are now available by team under the 'Fixtures' tab. The first date for matches is Sunday September 18th.

Posted by CLC at 16:50:PM on Tuesday 23 August 2016

New Senior Coach

We are delighted to announce that Georgie Harfitt is joining Cobham as a Senior Coach for the 2016/17. She will be joining Nicky Williams, our other Senior Coach and they will both be supported by a rolling schedule of other visiting coaches during the season. To see Georgie's biography click here.

Posted by CLC at 11:04:AM on Saturday 13 August 2016

Membership renewal for 2016/17

Membership renewal emails for the 2016/17 season have been sent to all Junior members.If you have not received an email, please first check your Spam folder and then contact our membership secretary here.

Renewal emails for the Ladies section will be sent nearer the start of the season, once we know a) the timing of training, as this is dependent on the day of the week that fits with our coaching resource for next season and b) the structure of the League and therefore the number of matches we will play.

Posted by CLC at 17:29:PM on Wednesday 1 June 2016

English Lacrosse Association Registration


The English Lacrosse Association ('the ELA') has introduced a new registration system. From September, those at the club who play in League matches, being U13, U15 and Ladies (Year 8 and above), will need to have registered with the ELA to be eligible to play. This does not apply to friendly matches and so does not affect those in age groups U9 to U12 (Years 4 to 7).

When does this apply from?

Registration is required from 1 September 2016 and is open now.

Do I need to register with the ELA?

Ladies (Year 11+): Yes
U15 (Years 9 & 10): Yes
U13 (Year 8): Yes
U12 (Year 7): No
U11 (Year 6): No
U10 (Year 5): No
U9 (Year 4): No

What if I am in U13, U15 or Ladies and I don't register?

You will not be able to play in any League matches for the club (most games are League matches). We can see who is registered via our club login on the ELA portal and our team administrators will be checking team lists against these records prior to matches. They will also be asking for ELA registration numbers when they send out match requests. You will still be able to attend club training and play friendly matches.

What does it cost to register?

Registration costs £15 for Juniors (U18), £15 for Students (18+ in FTE) and £30 for Seniors (18+) and you can find out more about the insurance and other benefits that come with registration by following the link below. This is an annual cost that renews each September.

Where do I register?

Registration is now open on the ELA website here. After clicking 'REGISTER NOW' type 'Cobham Lacrosse' in the search bar and then follow the on screen instructions.

What if I have a question?

Please contact the ELA with any registration queries using the link above. They provide an email address and telephone number for queries.

Posted by CLC at 17:18:PM on Wednesday 1 June 2016

Coaching Vacancies

We have coaching job vacancies at Cobham Lacarosse for a Senior Coach (weekdays and weekends) and Senior Coaching Support (weekends only) for the 2016/17 season, starting in September 2016.

Senior coach specification: click here.

Coaching support specification: click here.

Posted by CLC at 17:17:PM on Tuesday 19 April 2016

Home Internationals

The 2016 Home Internationals will be held at Surrey Sports Park from April 15th to April 17th 2016. Watch England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland and guest nation Germany, prepare for next year's World cup. Teams will compete for Senior A & B and U19 A & B titles.

For match schedules, click here.

Names you may know:

Cobham coach Torz Anderson is playing for England A, as is Jenny Simpson who many of the girls will know from coaching Surrey and also helping at Cobham occasionally. Former Cobham coach Claire Halliday, who still works with us from time to time, is playing for Ireland A and Putney High coach, Eliza Watson is playing for England B. Former Cobham Coach, Lauren Goerz is coaching the Scotland team.

Cobham Ladies player, Heather Macrae is playing for Scotland A and Zoe Macrae is playing for England U19. Junior members Flora Burdett, Alicia Pearson and Amaya Pinnock are playing for Wales U19, as is former Cobham member Annabelle Stoney. And many of the girls will know St Cats coach, Laura Merrifield from various trials and academy training sessions, who is Captain for England A. Not all the team lists have been published, so we may have missed some other names - if so, do let us know!

Posted by CLC at 18:17:PM on Thursday 17 March 2016

Super Counties Format

The South East Women's Lacrosse Association has announced a new Super Counties format to replace the current traditional county format for the 2016/17 season. This does not affect Cobham's league structure but will mean changes for individuals who attend country lacrosse trials, following either school or club nomination.

To view a presentation on the changes, follow this link.

Posted by CLC at 18:10:PM on Thursday 17 March 2016

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