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English Lacrosse Association Registration


Last year the English Lacrosse Association ('the ELA') introduced a new registration system. From September 2016 onwards, those at the club who play in League matches, being U13, U15 and Firsts (Year 8 and above), will need to have registered with the ELA to be eligible to play. This does not apply to friendly matches and so does not affect those in age groups U9 to U12 (Years 4 to 7).

When does this apply from?

Registration was first required from 1 September 2016 onwards.

Do I need to register with the ELA?

Firsts (Year 11+): Yes
U15 (Years 9 & 10): Yes
U13 (Year 8): Yes
U12 (Year 7): No
U11 (Year 6): No
U10 (Year 5): No
U9 (Year 4): No

What if I am in U13, U15 or Ladies and I don't register?

You will not be able to play in any League matches for the club (most games are League matches).  We can see who is registered via our club login on the ELA portal and our team administrators will be checking team lists against these records prior to matches.  They will also be asking for ELA registration numbers when they send out match requests.  You will still be able to attend club training and play friendly matches.

What does it cost to register?

Registration costs £15 for Juniors (U18), £15 for Students (18+ in FTE) and £30 for Seniors (18+) and you can find out more about the insurance and other benefits that come with registration by following the link below. This is an annual cost payable to the ELA that renews each September.

Where do I register?

Registration is now open on the ELA website here. After clicking 'REGISTER NOW' type 'Cobham Lacrosse' in the search bar and then follow the on screen instructions.

What if I have a question?

Please contact the ELA with any registration queries using the link above. They provide an email address and telephone number for queries.

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