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Membership of Cobham Lacrosse Club


Please read this page carefully prior to submitting a membership enquiry

Cobham lacrosse has two categories of membership: Juniors and Seniors and a Sport for All selection policy.

Juniors: U9 - U15

Cobham Lacrosse offers both Mini-Field Lacrosse and Field Lacrosse. Mini-Field Lacrosse is a non-contact version of lacrosse, where players are introduced to field sticks and playing with a hard ball. This allows girls to develop their field skills earlier, as they do in the US.

Those under the age of 11 (Years 4 - 6) will start in Mini-Field Lacrosse.  Those aged 11+ (Years 7 - 10) will start in Field Lacrosse. All ages are required  to wear gum shields.The junior league ends at U15, when girls move up to our Senior section to play for the mixed age group First Team - as they do in most school systems.

Click here for Juniors term dates and training times

Seniors: U16+

Cobham First Team (Year 11+) provides the pathway for juniors to both the senior game and to coaching and umpiring opportunities. The junior league ends at U15 and therefore our First Team play in the senior league. This means that the First Team is largely comprised of players aged 15 - 18 (Years 11 - 13) who have moved up from the Junior section, although we welcome players of any age.

Click here for First Team term dates and training times


We are currently full in U15, U14 and U13. We have some spaces in all other age groups.

Waiting lists: If you complete the membership form (please read 'How to join' below first), we will reply to confirm either that we have a place or that you have been placed on the waiting list, which is ordered by the date and time on the form submitted. Our annual renewals process takes place in June 2017. Once that is complete, we will know how many places we have for next season (2017/18) and will then be in touch to offer places to those on our waiting lists.

Renewal for existing members: Existing members will be sent renewal information by email at the start of June 2017.

Membership fees

Fees for the 2017/18 season are as follows:

£25 one-off new members’ fee plus:

Juniors Mini-Field £160
Field £160
Firsts U16+ £160

Due to the increasing number of players joining us mid-season, we have introduced a sliding scale of membership fees, as set out below.  The half term dates are set out here and the fee amount will apply to those joining at any time during the periods shown.

£25 one-off new members’ fee plus:

Full Season

After October
half term
After Christmas

After February
half term
£160 £115 £70 £40

Once you have submitted a membership enquiry, we will confirm the amount of fees payable.

How to join

If you would like to make a joining enquiry, please complete the Membership Enquiry Form. We aim to respond to all membership enquiries within 2 working days, although response times may be longer during the school holidays (the Club is run entirely by parent volunteers). Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an automatic reply confirming receipt of your enquiry and further contact details.

Please take care to complete the DATE OF BIRTH field in the correct format, so we can see what age group you are interested in. Forms submitted with the incorrect format show this field as blank. The name on the form should be that of the prospective member. Junior members can add a parent name at the bottom of the form.

If you have any PROBLEMS completing the Membership Enquiry Form, please note that certain fields have 'pop up' style boxes. You may need to allow pop ups for our site in order to edit these fields. Or try completing the form on a different browser or computer. If that does not resolve the problem, please contact the Membership Secretary here.

English Lacrosse Association

All members who play league matches (U13, U15 & First Team) are required to be registered with the English Lacrosse Association. Parent helpers are also encouraged to join the ELA. Find out how to register here.


Membership Enquiry Form


Committee Members

The club is run entirely by parent volunteers. Please help us reduce our email traffic by using the website as your first port of call for queries. If you have looked at all the tabs on the website, cannot find what you need and would like to contact a member of the committee please click here.