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Junior Match Reports Oct 4th

U15 V Coyotes

After their defeat the previous week the U15’s approached this match with the drive to win. This was shown by the final score of 17-5 to Cobham. The team played well together and managed to maximise all their key skills. By half time the score reached 10-3 with Freya Lupton scoring first goal - this was followed by Millie Morris, Kiera Mason scoring twice, Ishani Veneik scoring twice, Bella Clarke scoring 3 times and Sophie Duncan scoring the before half time. Second half was also very strong where Cobham scored a further 7 goals: Kiera Mason, Eniola Akin-Olugbemi, Bella Penny, Alice Hawken, Millie Morris, Sophie Duncan and Freya Lupton all scored one goal each.

Throughout the match the team decided to try out different plays which only progressed the team further. Overall the entire team played very well and we look forward to seeing what the next match will bring.


U13 v Coyotes 

A tough match for our U13’s against Coyotes who managed to settle with a draw (6-6). The first half of the match was very balanced with both teams scoring two goals by half time. For Cobham these were scored by Phoebe Shaw and Rafi de Pommes. Due to the effective transitioning throughout the team Cobham managed a further 4 goals during the second half, three of these goals were scored by Phoebe Shaw and the other by Lottie Bliss. Despite the excellent play, Coyotes also scored 4 goals during second half.

U13’s worked very well as a team and made Coyotes work very hard to keep possession of the ball. The defensive side consisted of Tola Pearse, Hannah Wason, Jess Hilton, Lydia Barnett and Shona as GK who made some fantastic saves. They all communicated well and created a strong wall between the ball and the goal. The midfielders Phoebe Shaw, Louisa Finegan, Lottie Bliss, Charlotte Cooke, Maddie Hart and Rafi de Pommes worked hard, ran a lot whilst maintaining strong and accurate passes. Charlotte Cooke played amazingly and frequently retrieved the ball from the centre draw which was vital. The attack team was strong and was made up from Chloe Duncan, Freya Johnson, Sophie Broad, Hattie Postance  and Sophie Dulieu who settled well and worked the opposing defence.

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