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U12 Matches against Claremont Fan 3 November

Head Coach Nicky Williams reports that our U12s held their own against Claremont Fan's U12 and 13 school teams and made her very proud.


The score from the U12 match was 8-8 at full time, although an additional 5 minutes play was then added and Claremont pulled away. 

U13 match ws played by our remaining U12s and some U13s, and finished at 11-3 to Claremont.


Nicky reports that both our teams teams played outstandingly,  and with no subs for either team they pulled together, demostrating their skills and playing as a solid unit. For those who played in the U13 match, Nicky notes that it is incredibly hard to play up and these players really did show their potential. That one year between U12 and U13 makes such a difference and our players really held their own.


Nicky hope that everyone enjoyed and learnt from the experience, and that she could not be more proud of them all.

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