Selection Policy

We have a Sport for All philosophy at Cobham, with an overall objective of providing additional training and playing time for players of all ages. We also focus on providing members with lacrosse development pathways from juniors to ladies, from school to university and to further qualifications in umpiring and coaching.

New Members

We allocate places to new members based on date of payment. We do not have trials to join, as we welcome members of all playing abilities.


Players are selected for matches based on training attendance and first to commit, up to a maximum squad of 18 (Firsts) and 15 (U15, U13 and U12) per team. Requests for availability are sent a week to ten days before each match. In the event of more than 18/16 players being available, the team managers will take account of the attendance record of the player, and will run a waiting list accordingly. All players are requested to inform us of availability changes as soon as possible. We keep records of anyone who commits to play and then drops out, which may affect their chance to play next time. This ensures places are allocated as fairly as possible.


We encourage all members to attend training as often as possible. We understand that many girls have school matches on Saturdays but most still attend training unless it is a direct clash. You are not required to tell us whether you can attend training.

Club Terms and Conditions

Cobham Lacrosse Club is a member of Cobham Rugby Sports Association (CRSA). We expect all members to comply with the Club's terms and conditions, which incorporate the English Lacrosse Association's Code of Conduct Policy and those of CRSA.


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Financial Report

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