Welfare and Safeguarding Information

We are very well aware of pressures on our young people on the field, in club situations and in club friendships. We are aware also that Covid19 has added new pressures on our young players and their families.  If you are a player and want to talk to us about any concerns here in the Club then contact our Welfare and Safeguarding Officer Mary Wright, who is there to help with any concerns within the Club. Players can ask parents or their coach to help them contact Mary.  Parents - please do get in touch if you have any concerns about how the club operates with regard to your child's welfare. 


Our Welfare Department works in tandem with England Lacrosse on obtaining DBS checks for our senior coaches and coaches new to the Club.


All serious safeguarding issues will be referred, in utmost confidence,  to the England Lacrosse Welfare Officer. The England Lacrosse Safeguarding Guidelines can be found here

Cobham Lacrosse Club Handbook

For all you ever needed to know about Cobham Lacrosse and our policies on Safeguarding and Welfare in an easy to read form, click on the link Club Handbook.


We are affiliated to the England Lacrosse Association and broadly follow their Code of Conduct