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We do not run holiday camps; however there are many Lacrosse courses and camps available throughout the South East and Nationally.  The companies below are known to the club and in some cases have provided courses for the club. However, Cobham Lacrosse does not endorse or recommend any one company or course in particular.  We suggest that members review the wide range of camps on offer and select the dates, location or ability level that best suits your needs. 

Chiswick Lacrosse

Chiswick Lacrosse run a series of summer camps during August for girls aged 9 to 16, which include options for taking Level 1 and 2 coaching qualifications.


Book online at


Spencer Lacrosse

Spencer Lacrosse are running a camp in September - find out more at 

Six by Six/OodlesTraining

Our unique model for running courses have a focus on helping the whole person grow alongside developing specific sports skills. We not only focus on developing the technical skills of lacrosse, but also the wider physical and mental skills needed to perform. The courses are therefore designed to give you the skills to thrive both on and off the pitch. 

Our friendly camps are performance focused. This means that we love to help you get better. You don't have to play for a certain team to join us, but we do ask that you're keen and willing. In return, we aim to send you home tired but inspired. We are always joined by a team of amazing coaches, many of whom have had (and still have) international playing careers themselves. They can't wait to share their love of the game, as well as some of the tips and tricks they used to help them perform at the very highest level.

If you haven’t joined us before, sign up to our newsletter from our website to receive a welcome discount off your first course. To book a course, go to, or why not start a conversation by sending a note to


Advance Lacrosse

· August 2020 camps and beyond: Bookings remain open for our August 2020 camps-- We are offering 30% off on all bookings made before 30 June. Use 020.SPRING30FF for booking online. 

· If the situation is not cleared by August, we will once again follow our Cancellation Policy-- all registered players can apply their registration to another camp/clinic(s) up to the same value, and will also receive a 50% discount voucher for one additional camp/clinic.  

· If we are unable to hold camps in August, we will hold camps in October Half Term. We will likely hold 2 camps -- one in Surrey and one in Hertfordshire. 

 In the meantime

· Social Media: We are continuing to share drills, tips, and challenges on our Instagram (@advancelacrosse_esc). These drills can be done on their own, or with one other player from a 2m distance and following England Lacrosse's advice. All tips and drills are available on the #StayHome Fun highlight. Please have a look, a follow, and share!

· We are teaming up to support StreetGames with their #FitandFed campaign! This innovative work helps some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people access fun physical activity and healthy meals they wouldn't usually get at home. 

Any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Stay safe.

Erin Walters-Williams +44 (0)7872012244


Triple Arrow

Triple Arrow camps are delivered by the English Lacrosse Association and forms part of the Talent Pathway for girls who aspire to play for England. The experienced Triple Arrow coaches are all qualified by the English Lacrosse Association. Many are International Lacrosse players, with playing experience in Europe and North America.The coaching curriculum is developed for players aged between 10 -18 years old and takes into account each player's individual stage of development.