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U15 Match Report Dec 7

The u15s played a hard fought, back and forth game against the W4 squad on Sunday. With many late drop outs due to illness or injury, we had just enough to field a full squad. Big shout outs to two U13 players,  Kiera Mason and Phoebe Boardman, who stepped up to play to help make a full roster. Additionally, our goalies Anya Urban and Kate Lewis each played a half out of the goal as field players on defense and absolutely crushed it!

As said earlier, the game was very back and forth. Neither team was able to gain more than a two goal lead before the other caught up. The game came down to the last minute. Cobham scored giving us the lead, but W4 was able to snatch the last draw control and fast break to goal and score just as the time ran out. The game ended in a 9-9 tie. 

On attack, Cobham had goals from 4 different players. Emily Boardman put in 4 goals. Charlie Catterall and Sophie Hillier each had 2 goals each and Lauren Mason put in one goal for Cobham. We also saw solid play from Charlotte Stubley and Emily Feigen-Toner, who were feisty for some ground balls and kept the ball moving around the fan.

Midfield play throughout the game was a bit sloppy, but in the first half Cobham dominated W4 on the draw controls and only allowed W4 to gain one possession off the draw. In total, Cobham snatched 10 draws to W4's 4, Sophie Hillier leading the pack with 4, followed closely by Phoebe Boardman with 3. 

In transition,  Lauren Mason was a force in clearing out the ball. W4 wasn't making it easy for Cobham to clear, so Lauren intelligently pulled way out to the side to receive a nice, easy pass from the goalies, and saw the ball safely up the field. Kiera Mason and Grethe Andersen were feisty and relentless on fighting back to get those midfield ground balls, and often times found Grace Flannegan, who worked hard to lose her defender, wide open to move the ball up the field. On one of these occasions Grace made an incredible pass to Sophie Hiller who was wide open in the middle of the fan and easily shot the ball past the W4 goalie. 

On defense, Grethe, Kate, and Anya played tough defense and worked hard to stop the hard, fast-break drives of some of the W4 players. In addition to solid defense, Anya also posted 3 saves in the first half, and Kate had7 in the second.

Congratulations to Phoebe Boardman, who was voted man of the match by the w4 players!

Overall, it was a solid performance against a formidable opponent. Many Cobham players braved sickness and injury and were still able to put themselves in a position to win. Thank you to all the parents who came to support and THANK YOU to Catherine Boardman who was a wonderful ref!

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