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Ladies Match Report Nov 23

On a rain soaked morning at Cobham the Cobham Ladies Lacrosse team took on Clapham 2 in Division 1 of the South East Womens Lacrosse League.  Conditions were challenging to say the least but the ladies showed they are made of stern stuff to come out and play when it would have been easier to turn over in bed and pretend the alarm had not gone off.  Indeed that seemed to be the case for the Rugby boys who only appeared after the worse was over!!  Based on my very soggy piece of paper I had the following down as scorers:

Sophie Tamblyn 6 Some real tenacious running and quick stick work into all corners of the net
Ellie Sherlock 4 Did a great job cutting past her defender. She handled some awkward passes with ease and shot accurately past the goalie
Kate 4 Feisty play and good positioning around the fan to put them in when needed
Sydney Godett 3 One a 3/4 length field run then a classy side sweep
Nell Burdis 2 One a real cracker into the top corner that got the crowd gasping in awe
Ciara 2 Strong runs from midfield through the defence and accurate shooting
Frankie Tamblyn 1 Moved up from defence to be in the right place at the right time
Lauren Snape 1 Got in on the act right at the end to seal the final goal
Nyelah Mitchell   Did a great job clearing up and getting those ground balls
Sophie Redvers   Worked hard for the ball on transition and helped set up her teammates for some nice goals
Millie London   Ever vigilant from the circle and often coming out her Circle to take the initiative. Some monster clears
Alex   Feisty on those ground balls and tenacious defending
Georgie   Great centre play and won most draws to set the play our way
Hannah   Played solid defense
Esther   Played both attack and defense. Secured some tricky ground balls
Millie Yeoman   Held her post behind the net and set up some nice plays for her teammates to score from


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