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U12 Match Report Nov 23

The U12s played hard today despite the pouring rain. We saw goals from 6 different players, giving us a 9-4 victory over Central London. Issiey Sherlock put away 3 goals, Phoebe Shaw added on 2 goals, while Chloe, Lilly, Emma and Raffi had a goal each.

On defense, Cobham played strong team defense and held Central London to only 4 goals.  We executed quick and aggressive double teams that resulted in a number of nice steals for Cobham. Shona, only her second game in goal, was fearless had 3 big saves for the team.

We showed some great team play through the midfield, passing to one another in order to move the ball up the field quickly. Although Central London grabbed more draws than we did, we fought hard for every one, even when the ball was almost swallowed up by mud! One of the team's focuses for this game was to come up with lots of ground balls; Farrah, Maddie, Hannah Cusak,Hannah Wason and Pippa did an excellent job of fighting for every ground ball that came their way. Their efforts, combined with the team's overall commitment to hustling to every ground ball resulted in Cobham dominating the hustle stats and helped further secure the victory.

Another focus for the U12 we set before the start of the game was to always be marked up defensively. The midfielders made a real effort to make sure they always were tagged up to a Central London player during the clears. Cobham was able to come up with tons of caused turnovers thanks to the excellent midfield defense played by Pauline, Thalia, and Emma. As soon as the Central London goalie had the ball and was looking to clear it, all of the Cobham girls immediately found a Central London player and made it nearly impossible for her to get the ball which was awesome!

On attack, everyone was hungry for the ball. We saw some really great ball movement and cutting especially from Imogen Bulman. The Central London goalie played a fantastic game saving numerous Cobham shots, but the Cobham girls stayed spread out, created space for the attack to work in, and executed some very clean passing, catching a shooting to score a few past the Central London defense.

The midfield transitions will continue to be a focus for this group as well as ball movement and spacing on attack. Overall, the team played very well and should be thrilled with the victory! A very coachable and energetic group that will undoubtedly have continued success for the remainder of the season and for years to come!

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