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U12 v Caterham match report

8 February 2015

It was an all-round great day for Cobham on Sunday! The U12s worked hard and played together to earn a decisive 14-2 victory over Caterham.  In the attacking end, the girls shared the ball. This proved to be a good strategy because it meant that 6 different girls scored goals, and even more had great opportunities but couldn't sneak it past the Caterham goalie, who played a fantastic game. Chloe Duncan scored 2 goals, Charlotte Cooke had 4, Pheobe Shaw and Pippa Cater each had 3 goals, and Rafi de Pommes and Thalia Edwards secured a goal each.

In the midfield, everyone worked hard to slow down the Caterham transition, and a number of times won the ball back directly after a goalie clear.

The Cobham girls played tough defence. They aggressively double teamed the ball and had a number of caused turnovers. Much of the success of the team can be attributed to the hard work on the defence to get the ball back and to the mids and attackers. Last but definitely not least, Shona was a force in net. She racked up 4 saves and successfully got the ball to her teammates every time.

Overall, a really great team effort, well done girls!

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