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January 18: Match Recap for U15 Team

Final Score - 11-5 for Caterham

The name of the game on Sunday was possession. Despite Cobham's feisty efforts on the draw, and our good midfield transition, the attack as a whole was riddled with silly turnovers. These turnovers were more a product of our own miscommunications and we were unable to get many, good scoring opportunities. We had goals from Bella Clarke, Sophie Hillier, Charlie Catterall, Jess Falworth and Maddie Shaw. Additionally, we had excellent attacking movement and leadership from Emily Boardman, and some solid play from Alex Bottoms, Amaya Pinnock, and Charlotte Stubley.

In transition, Grethe Anderson and Lauren Mason were our "ground ball hogs" and were responsible for recovering a number of lose balls in the midfield. Ella Davis worked to be a connector from the defense to the midfield.

On the flip side, our midfield defense and settled defense were both very strong. Caterham has some very strong, fast midfield players, but our middies worked hard to run them down and slow the ball. This was done especially well by Grace Flannegan and Saskia Bulstrode, who played a pivotal role slowing down the ball on Caterhams transition.

The low D played, Anya D-B, Amy Arnold, Bella Murray, Harry Taylor, and Anya Urban in goal, smart and tough. They forced Caterham to make bad passes, and applied pressure on their 1v1 challenges. Anya racked up 5 saves during the game. 

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