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Match Report U12s v Feltonfleet Feb 28th

The Cobham girls put on a great team effort and posted a decisive victory vs. Feltonfleet on Saturday. Despite a slow start, where Feltonfleet went up by 2 quick goals, the U12s rallied together and pulled out a 14-6 win.

On the attack, there were goals from 7 different players. We had hat-tricks from Pheobe Shaw, Elsa Fillingham, and Louisa Finegan, while Chloe Duncan, Maddie Hart, Sophie Dulieu, and Rafi de Pommes also scored one each. Most of the goals in the first half were scored of aggressive 1v1 challenges coming straight down from the midfield, however, in the 2nd the girls did a fantastic job possessing the ball and scoring off of a pass from one player to another.

There were three plays in the second half that deserve special note. One was from Rafi to Chloe to Sophie, who zipped it right past the goalie. Another was right off the center draw, Maddie gained possession, ran it down and passed it off the Elsa who was right where she needed to be in open space. Maddie repeated this minutes later but instead found Louisa.

In the midfield, Feltonfleet dominated Cobham on the draws in the first half, beating Cobham 7-3 in the center. This table turned when Maddie Hart began taking the draw, and she snatched up the first 4 draws in the second half. Pheobe Shaw also snatched up 4 draws for Cobham, and Elsa Fillingham, Lottie Nathan and Pauline Brandenburg each tallied one draw. Chloe Duncan and Tola Pearse were also aggressive in the midfield and recovered a number of critical ground balls.

Cobham played some tough defense and were not intimidated by the taller Feltonfleet players. Hannah Couttes, Jess Hilton, Lauren Brickwell and Freya Johnson were the backbone of this defense. They made sure to slow down the incoming Feltonfleet girls, and played solid 1v1 defense to keep them out of critical scoring areas. Pauline played in goal for the first half and posted 6 saves, while Shona stepped in for the second and had 4. Both goalies were fearless and composed.

Overall, great team win for the U12 girls. They will be an exciting group to watch for many years to come!

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