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U13 match report v W4 March 15th

The Cobham U13 team closed out their successful season with a decisive 10-1 victory over the W4 club this past Sunday. Despite mixing age groups with some U12 Cobham players, the girls were able to work together and pull off an incredible team win. The growth and development of this year group is truly astounding. At such a young age these girls are now able to commit to and implement a game plan, make quick adjustments to their play, and are exhibiting a considerable amount of lacrosse knowledge.

Leading the attack with an astonishing 5 goal performance was Kiera Mason. The W4 goalie showed a lot of talent as a player; however she didn't stand a chance against Kiera's well-placed and powerful shots. The other half of the team's goals were scored by Radhika, Pheobe Shaw, Freya, Eniola, and Lottie. The girls as a group shared the ball exceptionally well on attack and many of the team's goals came from beautiful assists. One of my favorite parts about this team continues to be the depth of our attack; having six different goal scorers in a game is amazing! Goal scoring aside, our attack was phenomenal in the ride. Kiera, Fraya, and Flora each caused multiple turnovers by immediately re-defending on any Cobham turnovers and worked their hardest to get the ball back.

Pheobe Boardman paced the midfield along with Eniola, Bea, Elsa, Pheobe Shaw, Elsa, Radhika, and Maddie. The middies ran tirelessly throughout the game and were always looking to push the fast break goals. Much of the team's success can be attributed to the pace at which these midfielders played; they truly set the attackers up for success by collecting the draw controls and immediately looking to put the ball in the air so we could score. Pheobe Boardman and Kiera connected at least three times in a fast-break play that resulted in a Cobham goal. Cobham midfielders dominated the draw controls. It was great to have some U12 middies in the mix. Pheobe Shaw, Elsa, Louisa, Maddie, and Lottie were fearless. Pheobe Shaw ran the ball between the thirties countless times and fit right in with the U13 middies! Pheobe Boardman and Radhika combined to win over 75% of the draws over the course of the whole game. The phrase "win the draw, win the game" rang true on Sunday in favor of Cobham!

Additionally, the attackers, midfielders, and defenders did an exceptional job of following our team's game plan. When the W4 goalie came quite far out of the net carrying the ball, the Cobham girls stayed locked onto their W4 player until the goalie became impatient and attempted to pass. As soon as that ball was in the air the Cobham girls looked to intercept it. This commit to the gameplan showed a high level of lacrosse and resulted in many caused-turnovers in Cobham's favor.

Georgia led the defense with her aggressive 1 v. 1 play, relentless pursuit of group balls, and communication. She was the start of many of Cobham's fast break goals and showed growth as a player in her fearlessness carrying the ball up the field. Louisa was also instrumental in collecting ground balls and looking to get the ball to the middies to start a fast break. Dylan had a solid game in net tallying four saves and only allowing one goal in the entire forty minute contest.

Overall, the W4 match was a solid team win. I am so proud of the way the girls truly worked together. Their enthusiasm and passion for the sport is obvious as soon as they set foot on the field; anyone can see how much they genuinely love the sport and it has been an absolute pleasure to coach them this season. This group has grown leaps and bounds since September and I am so excited to follow their progress in the coming years. As a collective, they have a bright lacrosse future ahead of them!

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