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U15 match report v W4 March 15th

A great game to cap off a great season for the U15s. The girls started off slow in the first half, and quickly fell behind. W4 lead Cobham 6 to 3 after the first half. W4 was winning draws, they were out hustling us to ground balls, and were hungry for goals. The Cobham flipped the switch for the second half, got the W4 team back on their heals, outscored them 8 to 2 in the second half, and came out with an 11-8 victory.


On attack, after a few failed crease role attempts, Cobham tried a different strategy and began challenging 1v1 from the top. Maddie Shaw put away 6 goals this way. Sophie Hillier had 3 and Charlie Catterall notched 2 goals. Charlie's second goal was definitely the prettiest goal of the game - she and Grace executed a nifty little draw and dump around the crease that left Charlie wide open in front of the net. Grace easily passed it to her for the assist. The remainder of the attack Emily Feigen-Toner, Mia Margetts, helped their teammates by generating ball movement and acted as decoy cuts.  

In the midfield, Sophie took the majority of the draws and was able to put 4 up to herself. Lauren, who lined up around the circle, scooped up 3 draws, Charlie had 2, and Grethe fought hard for 1. Additionally, there was some great transition from Grace, who acted as the bridge between the defense and attack. 

On defense, Harry, Saskia, Lauren, Natalie, and Grethe became increasingly more aggressive as the game went on, and it served them well at the end of the game when W4 was only down by 1 goal with just a few minutes to go. The defense was able to hold of the W4 attack, get the ball down the field and secure another goal. In goal, Anya posted a whopping 9 saves.

Lastly, Emily Boardman was a great cheerleader and assistant coach on the sideline! (I hope you're ankle feels better)

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