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Match reports from Sept 27th

U13 v W4

Win 15 - 8

Today saw our first league match of the season against W4. Though missing a goalie, Rafi de Pommes and Lily Stanley volunteered to play in goal for a half each. Despite some anxiety before the match over their professional looking turnout we found our stride quickly with 3 quick goals from Issie Sherlock. We consistently won the ball of the centre draw and found the net with a mixture of fast breaks and settled play, putting into practice things we have gone over in practice. The first half saw more strong goals scored by Phoebe Shaw, Emma Wright, Tabby Hodges and Chloe Duncan who also provided a stunning assist. Rafi, despite having no goalie experience made 2 exceptional saves supported by a solid defensive team, notably Lydia Barnett who won us back the ball on a number of occasions.
The second half saw fewer goals as W4 came back fighting but we kept our cool and found the net with further goals from Tabby, Emma and Evie Nendick. Lily controlled the defence as a vocal goalie also making significant saves and displaying a strong clear. Though we have identified elements we need to work on as a team going forward, this was a strong and positive start to the term. Hopefully we can maintain this momentum for some of our more challenging upcoming games.

U15 vs W4

Loss 15-2

We went into our game today thinking too much about the age difference between us and our opponents and this showed in our play. Despite winning two hard fought goals delivered by Sophie Duncan and Eniola Akinolugbemi, W4 maximised on their speed and pulled ahead. Though we fought hard to find the gaps in their defence the W4 goalie proved to be hard to get past. However this game did prove to be a steep learning curve and highlighted what we need to work on for the rest of the season.

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