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Cobham/Six by Six Masterclass

On 15 December our U15 League squad and our Firsts had a bespoke Six by Six Masterclass specially crafted for Cobham Lacrosse. For 90 minutes and despite the cold and heavy rain our girls trained with Six By Six's Katy Bennett, Laura Merrifield and Nancy Day on attack, defence and centre work ( what more could we ask?). The girls were elated by the quality coaching, and have taken away a huge amount to factor into their lacrosse at club and school. Cobham is very proud to have developed this initiative with Six by Six, and hope to roll out more masterclass work in the future. And it was very clear that the girls' attention didn't waver for a second while on pitch. Afterwards coaches and girls piled into our hot chocolate, cookies and other treats. No better way to keep out the rain than quality training buffered by warm drinks and cookies! It was an amazing afternoon, so we thank Six by Six wholeheartedly for the training.

At the end of training, Laura Merrifield very generously gave a talk to all our girls training today about her lacrosse journey to the 2017 Senior Women's Lacrosse World Cup, and I am sure this very personal end to the Masterclass training will help our girls feel that perhaps they too can take their own lacrosse to new and higher levels. For younger players, feeling a connection to a seasoned player at the very top of her game and seeing how hard she works top achieve it shines a light on how a game like lacrosse can underpin personal development. Inspirational!


Finally, Cobham Lacrosse wishes everyone associated with us a relaxing holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Training starts on 5th January!



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