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England Lacrosse Individual Registration

This year England Lacrosse and the SEWLA Leagues require that all our U13, U15 and Firsts League players must show an England Lacrosse Individual Registration Card ( either the card itself or a photo, eg on phone) to the Referee at all officially regulated matches. U12s who step up to play at U13 Level will need to obtain a Registration Card if they are asked to play.


Individual Registration confers player insurance benefit in any England Lacrosse or affiliated match (includes National Schools). Registration costs approx £15, and can be easily and quickly obtained online at https://register.englandlacrosse.co.uk/registration. The card can be downloaded PLUS a hard copy will arrive direct to the player's home address. In the League matches it will be a case of 'no card, no play' - so girls will have to get used to carrying their card in the same way they carry stick and gum-shield. It need to be something they do not forget.  Registration requires renewal annually.


It is fantastic looking forward to a great season of lacrosse, and the girls can feel proud to be competing in the Leagues!  All our official fixture lists are on the website, and U12 Friendlies will follow shortly.


Sheena Macrae

Club Chair

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