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Goal Keeping: Clinics and Training

Our coaches have had a specialist 'coaching the coaches' session from Senior Wales and All-European Goal Keeper Erin Walters-Williams. This was delivered ahead of our new provision of a special slot for goal-keeping training for all members in every Saturday training session. The coaches are keen to begin the new training and  discover hidden talent amongst our members, rounding out our members' understanding of goal keeping - the ultimate defensive position! 


Erin will also lead our coaches and deliver a specialised whole training session with stations to further develop our players' understanding of goal-keeping. All our members will be able to participate and the session is free to our members, part and parcel of our membership package. This session will be delivered on October 6th.


Erin will lead a further more specialised session later in the year for dedicated goalkeepers, again free of charge to our members.


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