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Match News 13/10/19

Our U13 and U15 Juniors were hard at work this morning in home matches in the Junior League, our opponents being 'from down the road' in Caterham - the Caterham Cougars! Thanks for coming, Cougars, we enjoyed playing you.


First off at 10 am went our U13s in hazy sunshine following torrential rain overnight. Thankfully our pitches are brilliantly maintained, and the going was good! From the start our girls looked dominant and in control. Playing lovely lacrosse for such young players, and with such a competitive attitude to possession of the ball it was no surprise that Cobham won. The final score  was 7: 2 to Cobham. Well done,girls!


Our U15s warmed up in the last stages of the U13 match, and the weather began to look a little like more rain might fall. Playing 4 x10 minute quarters, the U15s stayed well in contention for the match, and there were some great moments -  including from our hard working U13 goalie Diya, stepping up for this match. However, the win this time was not to be and our girls lost 9: 12. But still a big shout out to all the players - well done.

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