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League Matches against Caterham

All three of our teams today were out against Caterham today in League matches. Our U13 and U15s played away at Caterham, while the Firsts hosted a home match here at Cobham.


Our Firsts, with a team of only 10, toughed it out against a very strong Caterham team. Despite working hard, they lost the match 15:7. Ladies, that's a great result when you have no subs, so very well done, feet up tonight and don't forget the chocolate milk and cookies for a large dollop of R&R. You deserve it.


Our lovely U15s also had a toughie of a match against the Cougars, and approached half time  behind the home team. Head Coach Nicky Williams did some tough talking, the girls got their heads up and rallied. There was a positive flood of Cobham goals into the net of Caterham's very accomplished goalie... but although Coach Williams was very very pleased with the girls' pitch time reply to her halftime directions, they couldn't recover the match. Score was 15:7 to Caterham. We wish the U15s every success in our forthcoming Tournament, and we can't wait to see what you bring to the Firsts next year, girls!


Our U13s stunned again, bringing in a win of 8:2. Head Coach Nicky Williams says this result is yet another demonstration of all their hardwork and skill and with the massive development we've witnessed in this team we can't wait to see them grow as U15s next season. We think they are a force to be reckoned with, but at the same time they aren't afraid to learn. Coach Williams is very very proud of you....  WELL DONE, girls!

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