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SE Lacrosse Leagues and New Stick rulings

SE Women's Lacrosse have followed England Lacrosse and adopted  World Lacrosse's new rulings on sticks. This means that here in England we are no longer bound by extremely tight rules on stick heads compared to many other countries. However, there are still rules. If you are buying a new stick, it's best to check this link - https://www.englandlacrosse.co.uk/news-1/2019/10/10/england-lacrosse-act-on-recent-world-lacrosse-rule-change  OR have a conversation with a reputable equipment supplier 


The new stick rules DO hold for all our SE League matches, but SE Women's Lacrosse are NOT as yet adopting the other rules for match play mentioned in the above link. Our coaches will study what is and isn't legal for our League games and coach the girls accordingly. 



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