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League Marches against New Stars - 12 Jan

Our U13s pulled off a hard-won win against New Stars today, bringing it in at 9:7. It was an exciting tussle of a match, with the lead swapping between the teams, but Cobham drew ahead to claim victory. It was certainly a match to wow spectators! Goalies Diya and Violet were on amazing form, but credit to all the team for going for those goals and making it happen for Cobham... 


Our U15s worked well against a strong New Stars team, and although they didn't get a win, they got a hard-won draw of 8:8. Well done, girls. Skill and hard work pay off!


Our Firsts had an away match against New Stars, with our team missing our normal attackers. Coach Schyler Neale says that she was really impressed by the team battling a super-tough New Stars today; we had all the right plays, all the hard work, all that was missing was the finish. The score doesn't reflect amazing team work, and intelligent, game-savvy play - but it was 16:5 to New Stars. Well done, ladies. You all have a 'coach's commendation' from Coach Neale!


Thank you, New Stars. You are tough opponents across the Leagues and we loved the games today.

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