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Guide to Start of Season

Guide to Start of Season

Training at Cobham Lacrosse opens in compliance with guidelines issued by England Lacrosse for 'Phase 4: Return to Lacrosse'. Please see our Covid19 Policy and Risk Assessment https://www.cobhamlacrosse.co.uk/about-us/cobham-lacrosse-club-covid19-policy/. Membership requires compliance with our Covid19 Policy.  To comply with our Risk Assessment, we have staggered Saturday training times at the Covenham pitches, see below -
Minis (U9,10,11) Pitch #1  Registration 1.30 Start 145 Finish 245

U12 Pitch#2  Registration 1.45 Start 2.00 Finish 3.00
U13 Pitch#3 Registration 2.00 Start 2.15 Finish 315
U14, U15/ Firsts  Pitch#1 Registration 2.45 Start 3.00 Finish 4.00

Numbers Training: There is a limit of 30 on each pitch (2 x coaches/28 x players). All players must sign up for training ahead of our training sessions. Our Team Captains will be in touch with you soon to introduce our new ‘sign-up-to-train/play matches’ web pages –  HOWEVER, the first week of training 5 Sept is a manual sign-up and you will be contacted by our Fixtures Manager.  Under England Lacrosse 'Return to Training'  guidelines we keep an Attendance Register at each session. It is submitted to NHS England Test and Trace should anyone in a playing group report a positive Covid19 test.

Parking: There is NO parking at Munro House till we inform you otherwise. There is limited parking at the  Rugby Memorial Grounds.  Please note that parents/carers cannot access the pitches unless you need to stay with your daughter for medical reasons cleared ahead of time with us. The Fairmile pub have said they will welcome parents who wish to stay for a coffee while their daughters play, and in that instance only parents may use the pub's main car park.

Drop-off: Please drop your daughter off at the Fairmile Pub overflow car park to the right of the pub and remain in your car till she has had her temperature checked (she needs to wear a mask for this). If her temperature is 37.5C or over, she will return to you and must be taken home; if it is under 37.5 C, she will enter the pitches by the gate behind the overflow car park. You should then leave. Your daughter will not be able to access training if she is more than 10 minutes late for Registration. 

Pick-up: Your daughter’s coaches will walk her to the Cobham Rugby Memorial Grounds where you can pick her up from the car park. Otherwise, If parking for coffee in the Fairmile Pub, please do not enter the pitches to collect your daughter but wait for her to exit from the ‘old’ gate at the pitches to the left of the pub.

Equipment: Your daughter will need her own stick, goggles (if worn) and mouth-guard; we cannot lend kit during Covid19. She should bring one small WATERPROOF named bag to store her named water-bottle, mask, named hand-sanitiser and raingear. We will provide marker cones (socially distanced) where your daughter can park her bag. We will have signed routes for entry and exit. The pitch-side toilets are open for emergencies; we ask you to ensure your daughter has visited the loo before you leave home, since we will not encourage toilet trips during training. Our First Aid bags meet Covid19 pitch-side requirements. If there is a medical emergency, we will of course contact you by phone. Our coaches will follow our Risk Assessment Covid19 guidelines to keep our equipment clean.

 Sunday Matches: The Junior and Senior Leagues have been suspended. We plan to arrange friendly matches.

Contact Us: You can easily get in touch with your Team Captain or other Committee Member via the Committee pages https://www.cobhamlacrosse.co.uk/about-us/.


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