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Match Reports

Sunday 12 September saw our U13s, U14s and U15s in action at the SEWLA preseason Tournament. Our U13s achieved semi-final status, our U14s match and personal development which impressed us all, and our U15s won the U15 section.  On 19 September, two wins at Caterham, with our U13s winning 13:4 and our U15s winning 12:8. Our Firsts made their debut that day too against a really tough turnout from Spencer Ladies, losing 6:17. What is most impressive is our Firsts resilience, and at Saturday 25th's practice, they were running drills to defeat tough ladies teams. Finally on September 26th our U13s and U15s had a home match against W4, with the U13s winning 12:5 but the U15s losing 8:12. Our U12s followed them up with an intraclub sixes session, by all accounts great fun if pretty tiring.


Roll on the next matches!

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